Hypertensive heart disease presents increasing morbidity and mortality worldwide, however, the data about its epidemics and its specific symptoms in hypertension patients is scarce. To assess the frequency and correlated symptoms of hypertensive heart disease, 800 hypertension patients were randomly recruited for this study per the guidelines of the American College of Cardiology. The diagnosis of heart disease and its typical symptoms (palpitation and angina) were analyzed for the frequency of hypertensive heart disease in hypertension cohort. Cross-tabulation analysis was used to study the correlation between psychiatric indexes (annoy, amnesia, irritableness, depression, anxiety, and fear) and palpitation, the correlation between physical disorders (backache, lumbar debility, and numbness of limbs) and palpitation, and the correlation between symptoms (dizziness, daze, headache, and tinnitus) and palpitation presented in hypertensive patients. It was found that around half of patients suffered hypertensive heart disease, which correlated to certain physical and mental symptoms. Significant correlation exists between palpitation and annoy / amnesia. Significant correlation exists between palpitation and backache / lumbar debility / numbness of limbs; and significant correlation exists between palpitation and dizziness / daze / headache / tinnitus. These results provide clinical insights into the modifiable antecedent clinical conditions which are risk factors for hypertensive heart disease in elderly and will help improve early management of this disease.