The up-regulation of Katanin P8 has been reported to be correlated with a larger tumor size and lymph node metastasis in non–small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. And lncRNA MALAT1 was demonstrated to promote the proliferation of chronic myeloid leukemia cells via modulating miR-328. 135 lung cancer patients were divided into 6 groups according to their genotypes of MALAT1. The expression of KATNB1 was negatively correlated with the GGGT genotype of MALAT1. Decreased lymph node size and tumor size of brain metastatic lung were observed in patients with GGGT genotype of MALAT1. The luciferase activities of MALAT1 and KATNB1 were remarkably suppressed by miR-328 in A549 and H460. And the down-regulation of MALAT1 or up-regulation of miR-328 significantly repressed the KATNB1 expression in A549 and H460 cells. MALAT1 expression was reduced in patients carrying haplotype GGGT. A signaling pathway of MALAT1/miR-328/KATNB1 was established to explain the down-regulation of KATNB1 mRNA in patients carrying haplotype GGGT and reduced lymph node size in lung cancer and tumor size in brain metastatic lung cancer.