LncRNA plays a pivotal role in the stemness and drug resistance of lung cancer. Here, we found that lncRNA-AC026356.1 was upregulated in stem spheres and chemo-resistant lung cancer cells. Our fish assay also shows that AC026356.1 was predominantly located in the cytoplasm of lung cancer cells and does not have protein-coding potential. Silencing AC026356.1 significantly inhibited proliferation and migration but increased apoptosis in A549-cisplatin (DDP) cells. Additionally, IGF2BP2 and the lncRNA-AC026356.1 positively regulated the proliferation and stemness of stem-like lung cancer cells. Further mechanistic investigation revealed that METTL14/IGF2BP2-mediated m6A modification and stabilization of the AC026356.1 RNA. Functional analysis corroborated that AC026356.1 acted as a downstream target of METTL14/IGF2BP2 and AC026356.1 silencing could block the oncogenicity of lung cancer stem-like cells. AC026356.1 expression was correlated with immune cell infiltration and T cell exhaustion. Compared with paired adjacent normal tissues, lung cancer specimens exhibited consistently upregulated METTL14/IGF2BP2/AC026356.1. M6A-modified METTL14/IGF2BP2/AC026356.1 loop may serve as a potential therapeutic target and prognostic predictor for lung cancer therapy and diagnosis in the clinic.