The current study aims to understand the mechanisms behind regulated cell death (RCD) in diabetic nephropathy and identify related biomarkers through bioinformatics and experimental validation. Datasets of bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing were obtained from public databases and analyzed using gene set variation analysis (GSVA) with gene sets related to RCD, including autophagy, necroptosis, pyroptosis, apoptosis, and ferroptosis. RCD-related gene biomarkers were identified using weighted gene correlation network analysis (WGCNA). The results were verified through experiments with an independent cohort and in vitro experiments. The GSVA revealed higher necroptosis scores in diabetic nephropathy. Three necroptosis-related biomarkers, EGF, PAG1, and ZFP36, were identified and showed strong diagnostic ability for diabetic kidney disease. In vitro experiments showed high levels of necroptotic markers in HK-2 cells treated with high glucose. Bioinformatics and experimental validation have thus identified EGF and PAG1 as necroptosis-related biomarkers for diabetic nephropathy.