This article has been retracted: Aging has completed its investigation of this paper. We found that the immunohistochemistry images in Figure 2H, showing PHTF2 expression pattern in gastric cancer tissues, were previously published in an unrelated paper from a different lab studying PBX1 protein in clear cell renal carcinoma [1]. We also found that the image of immunofluorescence staining in Figure 3I, representing the neutral lipids content detected by double staining with BODIPY 493/503 dye in GCIY/shACSL1 gastric cancer cells, is a duplication of a BODIPY image of Zebrafish liver cells from an unrelated paper [2]. In addition, the colony formation images shown in Figure 4B are the same as in an earlier published paper from an unrelated team of authors studying bladder cancer [3]. The authors were informed about the results of the Aging investigation and all authors agreed that the article should be retracted.