Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 4 pp 622—631

Stress resistance and lifespan enhanced by downregulation of antimicrobial peptide genes in the Imd pathway

Figure 3. Reduced AMP expressions during paraquat-induced oxidative stress. (A) Gene expressions in 2-day-old male wild-type (+/+) flies after 24 hours of oxidative stress (20 mM paraquat), which are normalized from those of flies without the stress (log21 = 0). p-JNK: average with SEM from Western blots (Phospho-JNK/GAPDH); Thor, GstD1 (JNK pathway), DptB, and AttC (NF-kB pathway): RT-PCR experiments using total RNAs of flies developed at 25°C. (B) Gene expressions in imdP and imd1 homozygous mutants after 24 hours of oxidative stress, which were compared with those of wild-type (+/+: 1 fold). (C) Survival percentages of wild-type (+/+), imdP, and imd1 mutants at 24 hours of oxidative stress. Parenthesis: increased survivorship (%) of imdP mutants from wild-type flies.