Research Paper Volume 10, Issue 4 pp 622—631

Stress resistance and lifespan enhanced by downregulation of antimicrobial peptide genes in the Imd pathway

Figure 5. Stress resistance and lifespan enhanced by fat body-specific downregulations of imd and AMP genes in Imd pathway. (A) The survival curve for heat stress using 2-day-old male flies between single transgene controls (+/r4G4, imdRi/+) and fat-body-specific imd or DptB downregulation (imdRi/ or DptBRi/r4G4). (B) Comparison of heat resistance between RNAi single transgenic (Ri/+: 0%) and fat body-specific downregulation (Ri/r4G4). The median survival times of flies under heat stress were calculated from the several survival curves (A) and the median survival time of common control +/r4G4 flies was lower than those of each Ri/+ flies (A). (C) The lifespan of adult male flies between the two controls and a fat-body-specific AttC downregulation (AttCRi/r4G4). Parenthesis: increase percentage of the AttCRi/r4G4 from AttCRi/+ flies. (D) Imd pathway regulates the longevity mechanism through two pathways.