Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 2 pp 590—614

Relationship between senescence in macaques and bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and the molecular mechanism

Figure 6. Relative expression levels of telomeres and TCAB1 in 293T cells by RT-PCR. (A) shows the senescence-induced 293T cells cocultured with BMSCs. (B) shows the control 293T cells cocultured with BMSCs. (C) shows the senescence-induced 293T cells. (D) shows the control 293T cells. After the 293T cells were cocultured with BMSCs for 5 d, the mRNA levels of telomeres in the control group and the induced senescence group were significantly higher than those measured before coculture (P < 0.05, Figure 6A), and the mRNA levels of TCAB1 were also significantly increased (P < 0.05, Figure 6B).