Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 3 pp 855—873

Lin28 is a critical factor in the function and aging of Drosophila testis stem cell niche


Figure 1. Expression of Lin28 in Drosophila testis. (A) A cartoon depicting the Drosophila testis tip, showing the location of hub cells, germline stem cells (GSCs) and cyst stem cells (CySCs). (B) Western blot showing levels of Lin28 in testis (left) and embryo extracts (right). Lin28 protein is not detectable in lin28 mutants. (C) Comparison of expression of Lin28 in 3rd larva (up) and young 0-1 Day old adult testis (down). Lin28 is specific to the hub cells. Testis were stained with antibodies specific to Lin28 (green) and hub cell marker FasIII (red). Scale 10µm. (D) Adult testis stained with antibodies specific to Lin28 (green), FasIII (red) and Hoechst (blue) in wild-type (top) and lin28 mutant (bottom), notice Lin28 expression is abolished in the lin28 mutant.