Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 3 pp 855—873

Lin28 is a critical factor in the function and aging of Drosophila testis stem cell niche


Figure 2. Phenotypes of lin28 mutants and overexpression of Lin28. (A) Comparison of the hub cells in 3rd larva (top) and young adult testis (bottom) stained with FasIII (red) and TO-PRO3 (Blue) showing defect in hub cell morphology in lin28 mutant. Scale 10µm. (B) Young adult testis stained with Traffic Jam (TJ), Vasa and FasIII. The number of hub cells is decreased in lin28 mutant testis. Hub cells are increased in Lin28 overexpressed testis. Scale 10µm. (C) Graph depicting the number of hub cells in 0-1Day old wildtype, lin28 mutant and overexpression of Lin28 along with the rescue of mutant testes by hub specific overexpression of Lin28. ** denotes P<0.01, *** denotes P <0.001 (from Table S1). (D) Number of GSCs in 0-1-day old wildtype, lin28 mutant and overexpressed Lin28 testis, along with rescue of mutant testes by hub specific expression of Lin28. *, **, *** denotes P<0.05, P <0.01, P<0.001 (from Table S1). (E) Adult rescued testis showing the expression of Lin28 and FasIII. Lin28 was over expressed in lin28 mutant background (upd-GAL4/+: UAS-lin28/+: lin28Ep915/lin28Ep915), which could rescue the mutant phenotype of lin28 mutant testes (see Table S1). (F) The significant increase in the cell size in lin28 mutant, compared to hub cells in wildtype testes. Scale bar 10µm.