Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 5 pp 1389—1403

SP1-induced lncRNA TINCR overexpression contributes to colorectal cancer progression by sponging miR-7-5p


Figure 1. TINCR is frequently upregulated in CRC tissues and cell lines and predicts poor prognosis. (A) qRT-PCR analysis of TINCR expression in HCT116, HCT8, HT29, SW620, SW480 and FHC cells.GAPDH was used as an internal control. (B) qRT-PCR analysis of TINCR expression in 80 paired CRC tissues and and corresponding adjacent normal tissues. (C) Association of TINCR expression with OS (Kaplan-Meier plot). Data were shown as mean±S.D. of three independent experiments. **P<0.01, *** P<0.001.