Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 5 pp 1389—1403

SP1-induced lncRNA TINCR overexpression contributes to colorectal cancer progression by sponging miR-7-5p


Figure 2. SP1 is involved in TINCR upregulation. (A)The predicted positions of putative SP1 binding motif in human TINCR promoter. (B) ChIP assays were employed to show direct binding of SP1 to endogenous TINCR promoter regions. (C) A luciferase reporter assay was performed by cotransfecting the full TINCR promoter(pGL3-TINCR-F) or deleted TINCR promoter fragment E1 (pGL3-TINCR-D) with SP1 or blank vector in 293T cells. (D, E) qRT-PCR analysis of TINCR expression levels following SP1 upregulation and knockdown. Data were shown as mean ±S.D. of three independent experiments. * P<0.05, **P<0.01, ***P<0.001.