Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 6 pp 1791—1803

Muscle-derived miR-34a increases with age in circulating extracellular vesicles and induces senescence of bone marrow stem cells

Figure 5. EVs from C2C12 cells overexpressing miR-34a reduce BMSC viability and increase senescence. (A) Confocal images of BMSCs treated with EVs isolated from conditioned medium of C2C12 cells overexpressing miR-34a. EVs are unlabeled (control, bottom row) or labeled with the membrane dye PKH67 (top row). Images show abundant EVs in cytoplasm of BMSCs. Blue staining represents nuclear DAPI staining. Scale bar = 20 µm. (B) BMSC viability indicated by MTT assay is significantly reduced after treatment with EVs isolated from C2C12 cells overexpressing miR-34a. (C) BMSC senescence measured by beta-galactosidase (β-gal) assay is significantly increased after treatment with EVs isolated from these C2C12 cells overexpressing miR-34a. *P<.05, **P<.01.