Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 6 pp 1832—1849

White light emitting diode induces autophagy in hippocampal neuron cells through GSK-3-mediated GR and RORα pathways

Figure 4. White LED light influences the circadian rhythm of clock-related genes in HT-22 cells. (AB) Clock and bmal1 mRNA, showing time-phase shift and suppressed oscillation amplitudes in Light group; (C) Rorα mRNA, showing diminished circadian rhythm and a continous increase in mRNA abundance over the period of examination in Light group; (DE) Per1, per2 and per3 mRNA expression, showing reduced oscillation frequencies in Light group; (GH) Cry1 and cry2 mRNA, displaying obvious time-phase shift and significantly suppressed oscillation amplitudes in Light group; (I) Rev-erbα mRNA, showing an obvious time-phase shift in Light group.