Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 12 pp 3993—4010

Intermediate metabolites of the pyrimidine metabolism pathway extend the lifespan of C. elegans through regulating reproductive signals


Figure 2. Characterization of the genes involved in the pyrimidine metabolism pathway as aging-related genes. (AC) The effect of (A) dpyd-1 RNAi (red) and (B) upp-1 RNAi (red) on lifespan. (C) Lifespan of wild-type N2 exposed to control, dhod-1 RNAi, and dhod-1 RNAi with orotate supplementation. Lifespan values of repetitions are listed in Supplementary Table 1. (D) dhod-1, dpyd-1, and upp-1 RNA levels in whole worms after treatment of C. elegans with RNAi against dhod-1, dpyd-1 and upp-1, respectively, versus control RNAi. (mean ± SD, n=3, *** P<0.001, Student’s t test).