Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 14 pp 5246—5257

Immune system development and age-dependent maintenance in Klotho-hypomorphic mice

Figure 4. Innate immune cell composition in the spleen is similar in C57BL/6 and B6-kl/kl mice. (A) Total splenocytes in C57BL/6 and B6-kl/kl mice at 4-19 weeks (C57BL/6 n=25 and B6-kl/kl n=19) and 20+ weeks (C57BL/6 n=25 and B6-kl/kl n=27) of age from pooled male and female mice. Statistical significance determined by multiple t tests: * p ≤ 0.05. (B) Representative flow cytometry plots of NKT cells (CD19-CD1d+TCR+), Neutrophils (Neut) (CD19-CD1d-TCR--NK1.1-Ly6G+), NK cells (CD19-CD1d-TCR-NK1.1+Ly6G-), dendritic cells (DC) (CD19-CD1d-TCR-NK1.1-Ly6G-CD11c+), and macrophages (Mac) (CD19-CD1d-TCR-NK1.1-Ly6G-CD11c-F4/80+). Frequency of (C) NKT, (D) neutrophils, (E) NK cells, (F) dendritic cells, and (G) macrophages. C57BL/6 n=13, 4-19 weeks; n=19, 20+ weeks. B6-kl/kl n=11, 4-19 weeks; n=16, 20+ weeks. Bars represent the standard error mean.