Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 16 pp 6569—6583

Genetic variants of ADAMTS7 confer risk for ischaemic stroke in the Chinese population


Figure 2. Mean values ± SD of relative ADAMTS7 mRNA in PBMCs from IS patients (IS, n = 87) and healthy subjects (controls, n = 50). the blank box and the black box represent the relative expressions of adamts7 in IS patients and controls, respectively, and the median is indicated by a bar across the box. p=0.63 when comparing relative adamts7 mRNA levels between IS patients and controls. mean values ± sd of adamts7 mRNA in pbmcs from IS patients and healthy subjects stratified according to the genotypes and alleles of rs3825807 (B) (*p = 0.025), rs11634042 (C) (*p = 0.045), rs4380028 (D) and rs7173743 (E), respectively. an asterisk indicates p < 0.05.