Research Paper Volume 11, Issue 23 pp 11358—11368

LINC00682 inhibits gastric cancer cell progression via targeting microRNA-9-LMX1A signaling axis

Figure 3. Ectopic overexpression of LINC00682 induces miR-9 downregulation but LMX1A upregulation, inhibiting survival and proliferation of primary human GC cells. The primary human GC cells, derived from three different primary GC patients (“GC-1/GC-2/GC-3”), were infected with LINC00682-expressing lentivirus (“LV-LINC00682”) or the lentivirus with empty vector (“LV-c”), followed by puromycin selection; Expression levels of LINC00682 (A), miR-9 (B), LMX1A mRNA (C), and listed proteins (D) were tested; Cells were further cultured for the indicated time periods, cell viability (CCK-8 OD, E) and proliferation (EdU staining, F) were tested; Cell apoptosis was tested by caspase-3 activity assay (G) and TUNEL staining (H). Cell migration and invasion were tested by “Transwell” (I) and “Matrigel Transwell” (J) assays, respectively. Listed proteins were quantified and normalized to the loading control (D). For each assay, n=5 (five dishes or wells). *P <0.05 vs. “LV-c” cells. Experiments in this figure were repeated three times, and similar results were obtained.