Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 4 pp 3574—3593

SERPINH1 regulates EMT and gastric cancer metastasis via the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway

Figure 1. Analysis of SERPINH1 mRNA expression in normal and gastric cancer (GC) tissues from 3 public databases. SERPINH1 mRNA levels are significantly lower (P<0.0001) in normal gastric mucosal than that in gastric cancer tissue samples in the (A) Cho (Normal=19; Tumor=65), (B) Cui (Normal=80; Tumor=80), and (C) Chen (Normal=29; Tumor=83) Gastric datasets from the Oncomine database; (D) STAD dataset (Normal=35; Tumor=415) from the TCGA database; and (E) GSE29272 (Normal=134; Tumor=134) and (F) GSE54129 (Normal=21; Tumor=111) datasets from the GEO databases.