Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 4794—4814

The LSD1 inhibitor iadademstat (ORY-1001) targets SOX2-driven breast cancer stem cells: a potential epigenetic therapy in luminal-B and HER2-positive breast cancer subtypes

Figure 5. Iadademstat targets SOX2-driven CSC in breast cancer patient-derived xenografts. Cell2Sphere™ assays using BRE-0188 (A) and BRE-0192 (B) PDXs were performed as per the manufacturer’s instructions ( sphere_kit). Increasing concentrations of iadademstat were added to sextuplicate sets of wells on day 1. ImageJ was used to quantify the number (left panels) and size (middle panels; central lines indicate mean values) of 9-day-old mammospheres. Right panels. Total RNA from untreated and iadademstat-treated mammosphere cells was evaluated in technical triplicates for the abundance of SOX2 (Hs01053049_s1) relative to housekeeping gene 18S (Hs99999901_s1). The transcript abundance was calculated using the delta Ct method (i.e., the difference of Ct value between the target SOX2 gene and the endogenous 18S control) and presented as relative quantification.