Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 5 pp 4506—4526

LncRNA GUSBP5-AS promotes EPC migration and angiogenesis and deep vein thrombosis resolution by regulating FGF2 and MMP2/9 through the miR-223-3p/FOXO1/Akt pathway

Figure 4. The up- and down- regulated mRNAs were filtrated using microarray analysis. (A) Heatmap analysis of dysregulated mRNAs in negative controls and GUSBP5-AS-overexpressing EPCs. Control group indicates LV5-NC group and treat for GUSBP5-AS-overexpressing EPC group. (B) Proportion of up- and down- regulated genes were filtered using microarray analysis in the GUSBP5-AS overexpression group compared with the LV5-NC group. Blue indicates up-regulated genes, and red for down-regulated genes. (C) Several biological process pathways were enriched. Up indicates the enrichment analysis of up-regulated genes, and down for down-regulated genes. (D) The regulatory network of lncRNA-miRNA-mRNA.