Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 6 pp 5244—5258

Increased expression of the mitochondrial derived peptide, MOTS-c, in skeletal muscle of healthy aging men is associated with myofiber composition

Figure 2. MOTS-c expression is higher in slow-type muscle. Correlations between muscle MOTS-c expression and MYH7 (A) and MYH2 (B) mRNA levels in young, middle-aged and older men. Mouse extensor digitorum longus (EDL), gastrocnemius, tibialis anterior (TA) and soleus (SOL) muscle MOTS-c expression (C), and mRNA levels of fiber type markers (D). Two independent COXIV representative blots with different participants and quantification of MOTS-c relative to COXIV expression (E) in muscle samples from young, middle-aged and older males. Significance was determined using linear regression or one-way ANOVA. Data is presented as means ± SE for n=26 per group. ***p<0.001; #p<0.0001 vs soleus muscle.