Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 7694—7703

Genetic variant of COL11A2 gene is functionally associated with developmental dysplasia of the hip in Chinese Han population


Figure 3. Chondrogenic effects of Col11a2 in vitro. (A) Luciferase activity to indicate the allelic difference in Col11a2 expression driven by rs9277935 (n=6 for each) in ATDC5 cells. (B) Alcian blue staining of BMSCs in different treatment groups at 2 weeks to indicate GAG production in the culture plate. (C) Immunofluorescent assay of Aggrecan (red) expression, cytoskeleton (green) nucleus (blue) in different treatment groups observed under confocal microscopy. Scale bar=200μm. (DF) Expression level of chondrogenic markers for BMSCs in different treatment groups (n=6 for each) in (B) and (GI) quantification of GAG production, COL I and II DNA in generated cartilaginous tissues (n=6 for each). *P < 0.05 between control group and other groups. Data are presented as averages ± SD. One-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with post-hoc Tukey’s B test was applied. Ab, antibody; Exo, exogenous; ACAN, aggrecan; GAG, glycosaminoglycan.