Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 12534—12581

Healthspan pathway maps in C. elegans and humans highlight transcription, proliferation/biosynthesis and lipids

Figure 4. Workflow of the main analysis steps. First, 52 human health genes (Supplementary Tables 13) were processed with GeneMANIA and AutoAnnotate to determine the human healthspan pathway map (left, see also Figure 1). Analogously, 58 worm health genes (based on gene expression analysis using WormBase) were studied, yielding the C. elegans healthspan pathway map (right, see also Figure 3). Then, to determine overlap across species, the gene lists were extended by the orthologs (calculated by WORMHOLE, see Supplemental Methods) from the respective other species. We then employed GeneMANIA as before, to generate two interaction networks (one per list). and overlaps between these two networks of health genes were determined by GASOLINE (middle, see also Figure 5).