Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 12534—12581

Healthspan pathway maps in C. elegans and humans highlight transcription, proliferation/biosynthesis and lipids

Figure 5. The two alignments demonstrating overlap of (putative) healthspan pathways in human and C. elegans, based on a GASOLINE alignment of the network of genes implicated in health-related gene expression changes in WormBase (top), and in human health based on genetic studies (bottom), and of corresponding orthologs. Dashed edges indicate orthologs, green edges indicate interactions based on GeneMANIA known for the respective species; the node shape is square if the gene originates from the original lists of health genes and it is circular if the gene is an ortholog, and node colors are based on gene expression changes triggered by rapamycin (in case of C. elegans) or by caloric restriction (in case of human), as in Figures 13.