Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 21809—21836

CCL5-dependent mast cell infiltration into the tumor microenvironment in clear cell renal cell carcinoma patients

Figure 5. PBRM1-silenced ccRCC cells recruit significantly higher numbers of mast cells in vitro. (A) qRT-PCR and (B) Western blot analysis shows PBRM1 mRNA and protein levels in control and PBRM1-silenced 786-O and Caki-1 cells. (C, D) Transwell migration assay results show the total numbers of migrating HMC-1 cells when co-cultured with control and PBRM1-silenced 786-O and Caki-1 cells or the conditioned media from these cells. The migrating HMC-1 cells are stained with crystal violet and counted. The experiments were performed in triplicate and the results are shown as means±SD. Student’s t-test was used to determine statistical significance.