Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 21837—21853

Galectin-1 promotes vasculogenic mimicry in gastric adenocarcinoma via the Hedgehog/GLI signaling pathway

Figure 6. Lentiviral vectors were used to overexpress or silencing GLI1. Western blot analysis of GLI1 protein expression in (A) MGC-803 cells, and (C) AGS cells transfected with control shRNA (shCtl) or different GLI1 targeting sequences (shGLI1#1, shGLI1#2, shGLI1#3). Western blot showing GLI1 protein expression following overexpression of GLI1 (OE-GLI1) or the empty vector (OE-CON) transfection in (B) MGC-803 cells, and (D) AGS cells. Expression levels of GLI1 mRNA in (E and G) shGLI1 transduced and untransduced cells, and (F and H) OE-GLI1 transduced and untransduced cells. GAPDH served as a loading control. (n = 3, *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01).