Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 21837—21853

Galectin-1 promotes vasculogenic mimicry in gastric adenocarcinoma via the Hedgehog/GLI signaling pathway

Figure 7. GLI1 promotes VM in vivo and in vitro. (A) Matrigel three-dimensional culture showing that GLI1 overexpression enhanced tube formation in MGC-803 and AGS cells, while silencing of GLI1 in MGC-803 and AGS cells inhibited their ability to form tube-like structures (×40 magnification; n = 3). (B) Expression of GLI1 and the formation of VM structures in the OE-GLI1 and sh-GLI1 subcutaneous GC mouse groups detected by IHC and CD34/PAS double staining. VM was significantly increased in the OE-GLI1 group, and was absent in the shGLI1#3 group (endogenous cell-dependent vessels are indicated by the red dotted line, VM is indicated by the green dotted line, and red blood cells are indicated by red arrows in VM and endogenous cell-dependent vessels; ×400 magnification).