Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20817—20834

Hippocampal and cortical tissue-specific epigenetic clocks indicate an increased epigenetic age in a mouse model for Alzheimer’s disease

Figure 1. Training and testing of the DNAge® algorithm to predict chronological age in mouse cortical and hippocampal tissue. (A, B) A tissue-specific algorithm was designed for cortex (A) and hippocampus (B) to accurately predict chronological age. N = 3 – 4. (C, D) The DNAge® algorithm was tested on an independent sample set of male B6 mice for both cortex (C) and hippocampus (D). N = 2 – 8. (E, F) Circos plots indicate the genomic locations of clock CpG-sites in CpG-islands (black) and all clock CpG-sites (blue) in cortex (E) and hippocampus (F). Insets indicate relative distributions of clock CpG-sites across genomic features.