Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 19 pp 19809—19827

Thioredoxin protects mitochondrial structure, function and biogenesis in myocardial ischemia-reperfusion via redox-dependent activation of AKT-CREB- PGC1α pathway in aged mice


High level of Trx prevents I/R-induced mitochondrial cristae and DNA damage. (E) Immunofluorescence microscopic image shows accumulation of 8-oxo-dG in mitochondria of sham or I/R myocardium sections. (F) The levels of 8-oxo-dG was quantified and expressed as mean gray value. *p <0.05 versus NT sham; **p <0.05 versus NT or dnTrx-Tg I/R; † p <0.05 versus NT or Trx-Tg I/R. Statistical significance was determined with one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s post-hoc multiple comparisons test.