Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 19 pp 19809—19827

Thioredoxin protects mitochondrial structure, function and biogenesis in myocardial ischemia-reperfusion via redox-dependent activation of AKT-CREB- PGC1α pathway in aged mice


Trx protects against I/R-induced mitochondrial dysfunction. Effect of I/R on coupling and electron flow in mitochondria isolated from mice heart: Mitochondria were isolated from AAR region of sham or I/R subjected NT, Trx-Tg and dnTrx-Tg mice hearts as described in Materials and methods. (A) representative figure of XF24 coupling assay of sham or I/R mice mitochondria from (A) NT; (E) Trx-Tg; (I) dn-Trx-Tg mice, and OCR response to ADP, oligomycin, FCCP and antimycin A using point-to-point measurements. Graph of basal (state 2), state 3, and state 40 respirations in sham and I/R mice heart mitochondria from (B) NT; (F) Trx-Tg; (J) dn-TrxTg. A representative OCR measurement figure of mitochondria from (C) NT; (G) Trx-Tg; (K) dn-TrxTg mice with pyruvate and malate as substrates, and the effect of rotenone, succinate, antimycin A and Asc/TMPD. Sham and I/R mouse mitochondria from (D) NT; (H) Trx-Tg; (L) dn-TrxTg mice with basal, rotenone, succinate, antimycin A and Asc/TMPD mediated OCR (sham = 3, I/R n = 3). Statistical significance was determined with one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey’s post-hoc multiple comparisons test. *P<0.05.