Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 23187—23199

Identification and characterization of dynamically regulated hepatitis-related genes in a concanavalin A-induced liver injury model

Figure 2. Validation of gene expression of top dynamic genes in the ConA hepatitis model mice. (A) The expression of two genes with the earliest or latest breakpoint time (Mmp3 at 3 h, and Aadac at 24 h) as determined by Trendy (upper panel) were verified by qRT-PCR analysis (bottom panel) of the liver tissues from the in vivo ConA-treated hepatitis model mice. (B) qRT-PCR results show the mRNA levels of the top 5 dynamic genes (Cd63, Saa3, Slc10a1, Nrxn1, Ugt2a3) in the liver tissues of the ConA-liver injury model mice at 0h, 3h, and 24 h respectively. All data are shown as means ± SEM (n = 5 per group). * p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01; *** p < 0.001.