Priority Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 19852—19866

Metformin alters skeletal muscle transcriptome adaptations to resistance training in older adults

Figure 3. PRT reverts aging transcriptome towards that of young resting muscle and the effects of metformin are additive. (A) Volcano plot of 4654 DEG (q-value < 0.01) between young and old muscle at baseline; (B) Number of DEG observed when comparing young baseline skeletal muscle to old baseline skeletal muscle (4654 DEG) and young baseline to old 16 weeks with either plaPRT (3987 DEG) or metPRT (3542 DEG). Dark blue represents DEG common to throughout all time points and yellow represents those unique to week 16 time point in either plaPRT or metPRT; (C) Pathways overrepresented from those genes common to both groups following 14-weeks of PRT that were no different from young.