Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 23296—23305

Inverse association between periumbilical fat and longevity mediated by complement C3 and cardiac structure

Figure 1. Comparisons between centenarians and non-centenarians in Chinese oldest-old population. (A) Association network between periumbilical fat and longevity mediated by antibody and complement systems and cardiac structure and function (P<0.05 for all variables). (B) Graphic summary of periumbilical fat, complement C3, and cardiac structure in centenarians and non-centenarian oldest-old population (P<0.05 for all comparisons). (C) Representative ultrasound images of periumbilical fat (top) and cardiac structure (bottom) from a centenarian (C1 and C3) and a non-centenarian oldest-old individual (C2 and C4). Abbreviations: PFT: periumbilical fat thickness; WC: waist circumference; C3: complement C3; RAESD: right atrium end-systolic diameter; LAESD: left atrium end-systolic diameter; LVEDD: left ventricular end-diastolic diameter.