Research Paper Advance Articles pp 24117—24133

Dilated cardiomyopathy impairs mitochondrial biogenesis and promotes inflammation in an age- and sex-dependent manner

Figure 4. DCM effects on the pro-inflammatory state. Immunohistological analysis of CD-68 immuno-reactive cells (A). Western blot analysis of NF-κB (B), FOXO1 (C) as well as the real-time PCR analysis of IL-1β (D), IL-12 (E), and IL-10 (F) mRNA expression performed with human cardiac tissue lysates from old control (non-diseased) or DCM men () and women (). (G) Ratio of IL-12/IL-10. Representative imaging of western blot analysis. All data were normalized to the corresponding control and expressed in relative units (r.u.). Data are shown as the mean ± SEM (n= 5).