Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 23 pp 23578—23597

Leaky severe combined immunodeficiency in mice lacking non-homologous end joining factors XLF and MRI


Figure 2. Development of B cells is abrogated in bone marrow of Xlf-/-Mri-/-Trp53+/- and Xlf-/-Paxx-/-Trp53+/- mice. (A) Flow cytometric analysis of developing B cells. Upper left boxes mark B220+CD43+IgM- progenitor B cell populations, and lower right boxes mark the B220+CD43-IgM+ B cells. (B, C) Frequencies (%) of B220+CD43-IgM+ B cells (B) and B220+CD43+IgM- progenitor B cells (C) in WT, Xlf-/-, Mri-/-, Xlf-/-Mri-/-Trp53+/-, Paxx-/-, Xlf-/-Paxx-/-Trp53+(-)/- and Paxx-/-Mri-/- mice. Comparisons between groups were made using one-way ANOVA, GraphPad Prism 8.0.1. Xlf-/-Paxx-/-Trp53+(-)/- is a combination of Xlf-/-Paxx-/-Trp53+/- and Xlf-/-Paxx-/-Trp53-/-.