Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23578—23597

Leaky severe combined immunodeficiency in mice lacking non-homologous end joining factors XLF and MRI

Figure 3. Development of B and T cells in Paxx-/-Mri-/- mice. (A) Number of thirty-day-old mice (P30) of indicated genotypes. Parents were Paxx+/-Mri+/- and Paxx-/-Mri+/-. (B) Example of thirty-day-old Paxx-/-Mri-/- and WT male littermates with their respective thymi and spleens. (C) Example of flow cytometry analyzes of B and T cells in Paxx-/-Mri-/- and WT mice. (D, E) Class switching analyzes of in vitro activated naïve B cells of indicated genotypes.