Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23578—23597

Leaky severe combined immunodeficiency in mice lacking non-homologous end joining factors XLF and MRI

Figure 4. Genetic interaction between Mri and Dna-pkcsin vivo. (A) No live-born Mri-/-Dna-pkcs-/- mice were detected. (B, C) Mri-/-Dna-pkcs-/- embryos were detected at day E14.5. (D) Body weight in milligrams (mg) from two E14.5 Mri-/-Dna-pkcs-/- and Mri-/-Dna-pkcs+/- embryos from the same litter. The mendelian ratio 1:2:1 in embryos was verified by the Chi-Square test (χ2). The χ2 was 1.8 and its corresponding probability was between 25 and 50%. *Expected distribution assuming lethality.