Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 13 pp 17274—17284

Circ_0081001 down-regulates miR-494-3p to enhance BACH1 expression and promotes osteosarcoma progression

BACH1 expression was regulated by circ

Figure 6. BACH1 expression was regulated by circ_0081001/miR-494-3p axis. (A) The binding site between miR-494-3p and the 3’UTR of BACH1 mRNA. (B) The binding relationship between miR-494-3p and BACH1 mRNA 3’UTR was verified by dual-luciferase reporter gene experiment. (CF) The effects of circ_0081001 and miR-494-3p on the expression levels of BACH1 mRNA and protein were examined by qRT-PCR and Western blot after the transfection. ** and *** represent P<0.01 and P<0.001, respectively.