Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19272—19281

lncRNA ANRIL aggravates the chemoresistance of pancreatic cancer cells to gemcitabine by targeting inhibition of miR-181a and targeting HMGB1-induced autophagy


Figure 3. miR-181a inhibited pancreatic cancer cell viability by promoting autophagy of pancreatic cancer cells in vitro. (A) qRT-PCR detected the overexpression efficiency of HMGB1 in PANC-1 cells and BxPC-3 cells. (B) The cell proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells transfected with miR-NC, miR-181a mimics, miR-181a mimics+HMGB1, miR-181a mimics+NC was determined by MTT experiments due to their respective OD value. (C) Top: The transwell experiment suggested the effects of miR-181a and HMGB1 on invasion of PANC-1 cells and BxPC-3 cells, respectively. Bottom: The protein expression of N-cadherin, E-cadherin, Vimentin, and Snail-1 reflected the invasion ability of PANC-1 cells and BxPC-3 cells. (D) The scratch experiments suggested miR-181a inhibited the healing ability of PANC-1 cells and BxPC-3 cells, however, HMGB1 reversed this effect. (E) LC3 I/II and Beclin1 demonstrated the regulation of autophagy of PANC-1 cells and BxPC-3 cells by miR-181a and HMGB1. GAPDH was set as the internal control. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001.