Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 14 pp 18310—18330

BMI1 activates P-glycoprotein via transcription repression of miR-3682-3p and enhances chemoresistance of bladder cancer cell


Figure 3. BMI1 enhanced the chemoresistance of bladder cancer cells. (A, B) Western blot analysis of BMI1 in the indicated BMI1-transduced, BMI1-silenced, or vector control cells. GAPDH was used as the loading control. (C, D) Cell proliferation changes of BMI1-overexpressing, BMI-silenced or vector control cells assessed by cell counting kit-8 assays after treatment with 2 μg/ml DDP. (E, F) Apoptosis of T24 and BIU-87 cells upon BMI1 up-regulation or knock-down was determined by the Annexin V/flow cytometric apoptosis assay after treatment with 2 μg/ml DDP for 72h. (G, H) The retention rate of rhodamine 123 in up-regulating BMI1, down-regulating BMI1 or vector control cells detected by flow cytometry. *P < 0.05. GAPDH: glyceraldehyde3-phosphate dehydrogenase; DDP: cisplatin.