Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 15 pp 19486—19509

A combined hypoxia and immune gene signature for predicting survival and risk stratification in triple-negative breast cancer


Figure 4. Construction of a hypoxia and immune-related gene signature for prognosis. (A, B) The LASSO coefficient profiles were constructed from 9 prognostic hypoxia and immune-related genes, and the tuning parameter (λ) was calculated based on the minimum criteria for OS with ten-fold cross validation. Six genes were selected according to the best fit profile. (C) Correlation between risk score and the selected 6 genes in the METABRIC cohort. (D) HIRS was remarkably increased in patients who died during follow-up. (EF) Distributions of risk score, expression profile, and survival status of the gene signature. (G) Multivariate Cox regression model showed that HIRS as an independent risk factor for OS in the METABRIC cohort.