Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 17 pp 21155—21190

Liver-specific over-expression of Cripto-1 in transgenic mice promotes hepatocyte proliferation and deregulated expression of hepatocarcinogenesis-related genes and signaling pathways


Figure 6. Microarray analysis reveals altered expression of HCC-related genes in the liver of RCLG/Alb-Cre mice. (A) Class comparison and hierarchical clustering of differentially expressed hepatocarcinogenesis-related genes in the livers of RCLG/Alb-Cre and Alb-Cre mice. Tg-1, Tg-2, and Tg-5 represent total RNA from the livers of three 4-month-old RCLG/Alb-Cre transgenic mice; CC represents pooled total RNA isolated from the livers of three 4-month-old Alb-Cre control littermates. Equal amounts of total RNA from the livers of each control mice were pooled to prepare CC; Tg-1, Tg-2 or Tg-5 vs. CC: Tg-1, Tg-2, or Tg-5 compared to pooled CC; Only genes showing a fold change of more than 2 and a Student’s t test P value of less than 0.05 were included in the analysis. Red indicates increased expression; blue indicates reduced expression. Other details of the microarray experiment are shown as in Supplementary Figure 7. (BE) qRT-PCR analysis shows validation of 16 differentially expressed (increased or decreased mRNA expression) HCC-related genes from the microarray data in the RCLG/Alb-Cre and Alb-Cre mouse livers.