Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 17 pp 21155—21190

Liver-specific over-expression of Cripto-1 in transgenic mice promotes hepatocyte proliferation and deregulated expression of hepatocarcinogenesis-related genes and signaling pathways


Figure 7. Validation analysis of differentially expressed genes from the liver of RCLG/Alb-Cre mice in HCC tissues. (AB) The expression levels of CR-1 in HCC (T) and adjacent non-cancerous (N) liver tissue biopsies derived from NCBI-GEO datasets (GSE14520 and GSE25097). (CD) qRT-PCR analysis shows expression of the indicated genes (selected from Figure 6A6D) in primary HCC (T) and matched non-tumor liver (N) tissues. (E) Representative IHC images show PDK4 expression in HCC and adjacent non-tumor liver tissue biopsies. (F) IHC assay results show the percentage of HCC and adjacent non-tumor liver tissue biopsies with high or low PDK4 expression. As shown, PDK4 expression was significantly lower in the HCC tissue biopsies than in the adjacent non-tumor liver tissues. (G) The correlation analysis between CR-1 and PDK4 expression in HCC specimens based on PDK4 IHC data.