Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 16 pp 20598—20608

Knockdown of hsa_circ_0091994 constrains gastric cancer progression by suppressing the miR-324-5p/HMGA1 axis


Figure 6. Hsa_circ_0091994 knockdown repressed GC tumor growth in mouse xenograft model. Hsa_circ_0091994 shRNA-1 treated AGS cells were injected into right dorsal of the mice (n = 6 per group). (A) Tumor volume was measured at weekly. (B) Tumor tissues were harvested and weighted at the end of week 5. (C) The expressions of hsa-circ-0091994, miR-324-5p and HMGA1 in tumor tissues were detected with RT-qPCR. **P<0.01, compared with control; n = 6.