Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 22164—22175

SLCO1B3 promotes colorectal cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis through STAT3


Figure 1. The expression of Ct-SLCO1B3 in human CRC and its correlation with tumor differentiation and survival. (A) The relationship between OS and Ct-SLCO1B3 expression in CRC patients was assessed by assessing the mechanism of SLCO1B3 in colorectal cancer acceleration. GSE123734 dataset from the GEO database was downloaded that comprised of colorectal cancer samples. (B) Cytoscape and cytoHubba were used to catch the Hub genes based on GSE123734. As a result, the SLCO1B3 gene with the highest score was considered a hub gene involved in the cell-matrix adhesion and MMPs pathway on GSE123734. (C) The Ct-SLCO1B3 expression in cancer and adjacent normal tissues by qRT-PCR. n=96. **P < 0.01. (D) In poorly differentiated CRC, higher expression of SLCO1B3 and in moderately well-differentiated CRC reduced expression of SLCO1B3 has been noticed significantly. **P < 0.01. (E) Overall survival analysis of SLCO1B3 expression in cancer tissues based one the collected clinical sample revealed that the high expression level of SLCO1B3 was associated with a lower overall survival rate. The median SLCO1B3 expression level was used as the cutoff for splitting high-expression and low-expression.