Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 22164—22175

SLCO1B3 promotes colorectal cancer tumorigenesis and metastasis through STAT3


Figure 5. Bioinformatics analysis of GSE163396. Microarray data analysis was performed to investigate the molecular mechanisms underlying the function of SLCO1B3. (A) Heatmap of 286 differentially expressed genes from GSE163396 dataset (with 125 highly expressed genes and 161 lowly expressed genes). (BD) GO functional enrichment and KEGG pathway analysis were performed based on DEGs from GSE163396 dataset. Partial results of the upregulated GO pathways were shown in panel B, the downregulated GO pathways were shown in panel C, and the KEGG pathway was illustrated in panel D. (E) Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA) revealed that most DEGs associated with the STAT3 signaling pathway were enriched in the SLCO1B3 gene. (F) The co-expression analysis revealed a positive association between the SLCO1B3 and STAT3 activation.