Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 22315—22331

High CTSL2 expression predicts poor prognosis in patients with lung adenocarcinoma


Figure 10. CTSL2 expression in human LUAD tissues and cell lines. (A) Expression of CTSL2 in 35 LUAD tissues and adjacent normal tissues by qRT-PCR; (B) CTSL2 expression levels in HaCaT, BEAS-2B, A549, SPCA-1, 95-D, PG-49, and NCI-H292 by qRT-PCR; (C) CTSL2 expression in A549 cells transfected with control, si-NC, si-CTSL2, and O-CTSL2 by qRT-PCR. **P < 0.01.