Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 19 pp 7794—7823

Multifaceted investigation underlies diverse mechanisms contributing to the downregulation of Hedgehog pathway-associated genes INTU and IFT88 in lung adenocarcinoma and uterine corpus endometrial carcinoma


Figure 7. Identification of MALAT1 as a communal lncRNA mediating INTU and IFT88 expression in LUAD and UCEC samples. (A) Identification of the lncRNAs against hsa-miR-212-3p and construction of the lncRNA-miRNA regulatory network. (B) The expression of MALAT1 was significantly downregulated in LUAD and UCEC tumor samples. (C, D) Decreased level of MALAT1 was found associated with poor prognosis in LUAD (C) and UCEC (D) patients. (E) The MALAT1 was identified as targeted lncRNA against hsa-miR-212-3p from two independent studies. (F, G) The expression of MALAT1 positively associated with the expression of INTU and IFT88 in LUAD (F) and UCEC (G) tumor samples. (H, I) Overexpression of MALAT1 caused the upregulation of INTU and IFT88 protein levels in NCI-H1975 (H) and AN3 CA (I) cells. n = 3 biological replicates. Each n represents an independent preparation of RNA and protein samples. Error bars represent S.E.M. Statistical analysis was performed using two-tailed unpaired Student’s t-test. * denotes p < 0.05.