Publication Fees

To provide open access, Aging uses a business model in which expenses - including those for a thorough peer review process, journal production, legal costs, protection of the journal, promotion of publications, dissemination of publications, news, visibility, media and social media, checking for plagiarism and data manipulation, maintaining the integrity of the journal, ethical policies, online hosting and archiving, and much more — are recovered by charging a journal-specific publication fee to the authors or research sponsors for each article they publish.
Updated on 10/13/2020: A publication fee of $3,850 (USD) applies to Research Papers (including brief Letters), Research Perspectives, Reviews, Theory/Hypothesis and Case Reports. There are no additional charges based on color, length, figures, or other elements.
Discretionary Discounts may be available on a case-by-case basis, see below for further information.
For papers submitted before October 14, 2020 , the publication fee is $3,400 (USD).
There is no fee for Editorials, invited Research Perspectives, or News.
We also offer publication fee discounts for papers whose corresponding authors are based in HINARI countries (the world's lowest income countries as defined by the World Bank).
Discretionary discounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and may be granted in cases of financial need. All applications for discretionary discounts should be made prior to, or at the point of manuscript submission; requests made after acceptance or during the review process will not be considered. Authors supported by the Libraries’ Fund for Open Access Journals will receive a partial discount.
To request a discount please contact us at
Please do not include requests for financial support in cover letters.
Refund Policy
Due to the significant cost of peer review administration, manuscript production, and indexing, publication fee cannot be refunded after the manuscript is first published in Advance Online Publications. Please note that no refund or credit will be issued for any of the following:
  • Manuscript retraction
  • Manuscript removal
  • Editorial decisions
  • Changes introduced by the authors
  • Circumstances beyond our direct control
To request a refund or credit, please contact us at